5 Ways Children’s Bedtime Stories Improve Learning

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Learn five ways children’s bedtime stories can improve your child’s learning, attention and chances of success in life.

We’ve done a great deal of talking about ways that reading time with kids benefits them as they progress in life; a lot of it focuses on the way the brain’s neurons fire, as well as mental development. Many parents may still wonder about the concrete and measurable benefits of reading with their children. There are specific reasons why this is such an important activity, and you can read here five ways children’s bedtime stories can improve your child’s learning, attention and chances of success in life.

Children’s Bedtime Stories and Language

Reading readiness is a huge issue as children enter school, and the earlier you start reading to your child, the better their language development and reading readiness will be. Kids whose parents read children’s bedtime stories from the earliest ages learn to comprehend language much better than those who don’t receive this activity. This in turn makes them better able to read on their own when the time comes.


Logic and Reasoning

When kids are exposed to reading time both at bedtime and through the day, they develop logic and reasoning skills that are vital to their ability to communicate and express ideas, as well as absorb new concepts in education. They learn how stories are constructed and communicated, which in turn helps them to put forth their own ideas in a linear, logical and reasoned fashion.



Language is the core of our communication—this is no shock. However, reading helps to build confidence in communication skills. Children learn how ideas are communicated once formed, and this ties into logic and reasoning; once the child is able to form their ideas, having heard ideas previously communicated allows them to mimic these structures in their own communications.


Values and Morals

Reading is a vital part of teaching your child morals and values that will serve them well as they grow older. They learn about honor, sharing, self-sacrifice, friendship and the overall values that will support their functioning in society. As they grow they will want to emulate their favorite characters in books, which means they’ll develop similar values. As a parent you can choose stories that espouse the morals you want your child to learn.

Attention Span

Reading time and bedtime stories are essential to helping build your child’s attention span. We live in a YouTube clickbait world, where attention spans are limited to five-minute videos. As you spend time reading with your child, you can increase the time of each session. The child’s attention span will increase as they become engaged in more complex and longer stories. Beat the 5-minute video culture!

Of course, kids are steeped in technology these days, and hearing others read stories to complement your own reading can also be useful. Why not get your child started on independent reading with the help of one of our free online interactive eBooks? Then explore the rest of our site for more articles, tips and tricks on early literacy for kids.