Beloved Classic Tales Our Children Should Still Read Today

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The next time you’re looking for children’s bedtime stories, consider one of these beloved classic tales everyone should read as a child.

Do you remember hearing a classic fairy tale for the first time? Possibly not—you may have been too young. Even still, these tales had an unmistakable effect on you as a child and throughout your life. Classic stories become classic because of the impact they have on our psyche and culture. You should not ignore these tales as you engage in reading with your child. The next time you’re looking for children’s bedtime stories, consider one of these beloved classic tales everyone should read as a child.

Classic Children’s Bedtime Stories

There are always incredible new children’s bedtime stories hitting the stands. Some of these may be destined to become classics unto themselves, and you should make sure to expose your child to these ideas written in their own world. Never, however, ignore the classics, which can teach timeless lessons and have entertained children for countless generations.



Cinderella is a great and timeless fairy tale that in fact is a combination of an entire genre of stories that come out of Germany and Russia in the medieval days. This story tells of love across classes, overcoming hardship and cruelty, and how—if we are honest, hardworking and determined—we can achieve our dreams. It also has an important theme of inner beauty—the prince falls in love with Cinderella regardless of who she is culturally or on the outside.


Snow White

Another classic story in a fairy tale tradition—the sleeping beauty story—Snow White is a tale of a young girl betrayed by her cruel stepmother, who is jealous of her beauty. Banished to the woods, Snow White is raised by seven kindly dwarves who teach her the value of hard work, honesty and truth. Eventually, the evil queen tracks her down and poisons her, only to awaken when she finds a kiss of true love. Of course, a charming prince saves her from this fate, and the evil Queen gets her comeuppance in the end!


The Ugly Duckling

Every child in the world goes through a period where they feel different, ugly and outcast. This can be a very hard and lonely thing for a young person, and they need to understand that not only are they not alone, but that someday they will get a chance to shine. The Ugly Duckling is a perfect way to get this message across. This story of an outcast ugly young duck will resonate with lonely children, who will be encouraged and hopeful when they realize that in the end, the ugly little duckling turns into a beautiful grown-up swan.

These are just a few of the amazing possibilities for classic stories and fairy tales that you can read with your child to introduce them to a world of magic, whimsy and important moral lessons. Check out the entire range of free interactive eBooks we offer, and get your child started on a world of excitement today!