eBooks and 21st Century Children’s Reading

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Learn how eBooks are altering the fundamental way we deal with literature, from adult reading to bedtime stories for children.

For the past decade or so, a major shift has been going on with reading and literacy. On one hand people lament the “death of print”; on the other hand, people point out that eBooks have changed the way we interact with words on the page, and that the definition of “page” is indeed changing for the better. The truth is, while there will always be a place for print, eBooks are here to stay, and they are altering the way we deal with literature, from adult reading to bedtime stories for children. Here are a few ways they are concretely changing the landscape of early literacy.

On-Demand Accessibility

eBooks are an instant means of getting new literature. You need not go to the bookstore or wait for your favorite online retailer to mail you a new book. You simply tap the screen on your computer, tablet or reader, and within seconds you have a new book. This helps to surround children with literature at all times and on demand.


Books for the Masses

eBooks generally cost less than their print versions. This makes reading available to many more people than it ever has been before. With new programs to make e-readers accessible to lower income families, that means that educational capabilities should spread, and the advantages of early literacy should become available to lots more kids.


A Digital World

Kids today are living in a digital world—like it or not, this is a fact. They are steeped in technology from the time they’re born and live with cell phones, tablets, computers and all manner of portable technology. eBooks are a way to tie bedtime stories for children into that technological access and savvy.


App-Based Functionality

eBooks also tie into technology with new reading apps that deliver improved accessibility and interactivity. Kids are learning in a different way than they once did; they need to be able to directly interact with their source of education, and app functionality allows them to do just that. They get all the benefits of early reading, and using the interactive nature of an app interface helps retain the skills they develop through reading.



One of the greatest things about books is that they are a great means to entertain. They engage the mind, creativity and imagination. But kids today live in a world where entertainment comes in truly multimedia modes. They need their reading time to engage them on multiple levels—visual, aural and more. eBooks are a better way to entertain this modern generation of kids.


Bedtime Stories for Children

When the time comes to get your child reading, especially if they are a reluctant reader, consider giving eBooks a try. If you’re not sure where to get started, we can help. Take some time to explore any of our collection of free eBooks, and get your child started on a wonderful world of reading and literacy today!