Fun Summer Reading Challenges for Children

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Check out these creative and fun summer reading challenges for children that you can use during the day or while reading great bedtime stories.

Summertime is nearly upon us! Along with summer comes long, hot days, swimming pools, beaches, picnics and outdoor fun. One of the dangers of summer is kids losing track of their reading time, which is so important to their development. Parents need to be creative and vigilant to keep their kids reading enthusiastically and strong during the summer months so they don’t fall behind when school starts in the fall. Check out these creative and fun summer reading challenges for children that you can use during the day or while reading great bedtime stories.

Great Bedtime Story Reading Challenges

Reading challenges that encourage kids to keep up with great bedtime stories are all over the place. That’s the good news. From your local library to online free programs from a variety of sources, you’re sure with a bit of research to find the perfect summer reading challenge to keep your kid going all through the next few months.


Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge

Scholastic is one of the most well-known and respected publishers of children’s books in the world, and they provide a free online program whose goal is to get kids motivated. The end game for this program is to see kids read at least four books over the course of the summer.


Ready, Set, Read!

The American Library Association’s summer reading program this year has a theme of keeping bodies and minds active together. It combines a thrill for sports and physical activity with a passion for reading, all with a themed approach to celebrate this year’s Olympics. Stop down to your local library and ask them what programs they’re offering!


Reading Is FUNdamental

This long-running summer reading program is another one that goes down every year and has had many years of success behind it, in getting kids to love reading and turning reluctant readers into voracious ones. Especially if you’re having a hard time generating interest for your kids, try this program and see what comes of it!


Read, Write, Think!

The International Reading Association—in conjunction with the National Council of Teachers, Verizon and Think Infinity—have put together a fun challenge that presents kids from K-12 with tons of summertime reading and educational activities that go beyond the classroom and seek to build an interest in and thirst for knowledge among kids of all ages.


Interactive eBooks

Let’s face it: there’s going to be times when your kids just want to play at the computer. As much as you’d probably like them to get out and play, you can turn computer time into a great opportunity for fun reading experiences. Check out sites that offer free interactive eBooks, and turn their gaming time into reading time.

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