Historical Figures Children Should Read About

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Historical Figures

Kids today are reading about historical figures and events, and they’re doing it for fun and enjoyment. What could provide higher satisfaction for parents than having your child choose to read educational materials? Fortunately, there are tons of resources and no end to the stories of great women and men about whom you can encourage your child to read. Learn about great stories for kids with amazing historical figures whose lives and deeds will inspire and encourage your children throughout their lives.

Great Stories for Kids Resources

Perhaps the greatest resource at your fingertips for finding local biographies and great stories for kids about real historical figures is your local library. If you’re not sure where to begin when it comes to inspiring and encouraging your child, your local librarian is an incredible resource that’s available at any time. Libraries provide a wealth of resources beyond the expected print books, including Internet access to incredible educational websites.


George Washington

If you’re looking for a place to start, why not go to the founding of our country? Teach your child about one of the greatest founding fathers in our nation’s history and the very first President of the United States. George Washington was a general who fought in many of the key battles that resulted in the United States, as we know it. From the French and Indian Wars all the way through the Revolutionary War, George Washington was an intelligent and courageous leader. He was even offered kingship after the United States became independent, and turned it down as he felt that we had just undergone a horrible war to be free from that very tyranny!


Abraham Lincoln

Another amazing figure in our country’s history, Abraham Lincoln took a fringe third party and built it into a major force in our nation’s politics. He is known for not only ending slavery in the country, but for going to war to keep our nation together when internal strife threatened to tear it apart. He presided over some of the most pivotal events in United States history, only to eventually be assassinated while he was trying to enjoy a night out at the theater.


Helen Keller

If you’re looking for a story that’s truly inspiring to your sons and daughters, one of the first books you should find is the story of Helen Keller. A young woman who could not see, hear or speak, yet persevered. With the help of an equally brave teacher, she learned to communicate and even thrive in a society that was not built for her.


Rosa Parks

A seminal figure in civil rights, Rosa Parks is known for being a woman who refused to bow to discriminative societal conventions. An African American woman living in a time and place where racism was law, she refused to obey unfair legislation, and her struggles became a rallying cry for civil rights.

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