Reading to Your Child on Spring Break

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Here are some tips to use bedtime stories for kids to keep your young students learning during time off from school.

Spring break is just about here! If you think that just means college kids blowing off steam, think again. Even elementary school kids get some time off for spring break, and it’s up to you to make sure they keep their brain trucking along during those vacation days. Of course, you want to give them time to relax and have fun, but you’d be amazed how fast skills atrophy if they’re not used, and that includes reading. Here are some tips on how to use bedtime stories to keep your children learning during time off from school.

Talk to Teachers

Keeping an open line of communication with your children’s teachers is a great way to tailor what you’re giving them at home to in turn complement what they get at school. Is there a theme they’re working on with reading right now? Go with that! Is there a gap the teacher might not get to? Focus on that area.


Use the Web

Do your own homework! Check online for reading fun and engaging exercises that you can work through with your child during spring break. You’d be amazed at how many worksheets, games, activities and exercises are out there just waiting to be explored. Even better, many of them are completely free!


Daily Reading Time

Your child has reading class at school, but there are tons of advantages to setting aside reading time with your child at home. It helps to engage them in the activity while allowing them to read what they are interested in exploring. It creates an important bonding time between you and your child while letting them focus on an entirely different level than school reading does. So spend some time every day reading with your child! And have them read aloud to you as you read to them.


Reading and Other Activities

Tie your reading time to other activities during the break. Are you thinking about taking your kids to see the new superhero movie? Try reading some comics with them about the superhero team before attending the movie, then talk about the differences between the movie and the literature.


I know. “Comics?” But don’t shy away from the idea of letting your children read some—kids love them, and there is a lot of value to be had in the stories they tell. Modern comics deal with important social and cultural issues through the lenses of heroes that kids can admire and seek to emulate. Just be sure you preview the work before giving it to your child; not all comics are for children, either (and this includes some superhero comics)!


Bedtime Stories for Kids

Bedtime stories for kids are a great way to bond with your child even into their elementary school years. As they get to the point where they want to take a more active role in the process, try a free interactive eBook from our selection. Then take some time to explore the rest of the fun early literacy services we have to offer!