The Importance of Imagination: Fostering Creativity in Your Child

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Learn why imagination is vital to a child’s development and how you can take steps, including great bedtime stories, to foster creative thinking.

People assume that creativity is a natural gift or inborn ability. The truth is, everyone is born with the potential to be creative, and it’s actually vitally important to your child’s growth and learning process. All you need to do is get them on the right path—and like any skill, creativity will grow. Learn why imagination is vital to your child’s development and how you can take steps, including great bedtime stories, to foster creative thinking.

Providing Resources

The first important step you should take to keep your kids working on their creative development and imaginative thinking skills is to provide them the resources they need. First among these is the time to engage in creativity. They need time that is not structured, but with access to those things that encourage creativity through play. They also need space—a place of their own where they can feel comfortable and safe exploring new ideas and thoughts. Finally, they need supplies. This means toys—ones that aren’t tied to commercial properties or preconceived notions—as well as art supplies, reading materials and the like.


The Creative Atmosphere

Your home should be a haven for creativity. Let your child see you engaging in creative activities. Write stories and poems and share them with your child. Do artwork yourself. Come up with new ideas for activities that you haven’t tried with your kids before. Encourage your child to come up with new ideas for things they’d like to try.


Failure Is Okay

Encourage your child to try new things and let them understand that failing at an attempt is part of life. When you try something and fail, get up and try it again a different way. We live in a world that’s about building kids up, sometimes to their detriment. It can’t be stressed enough: let your child fail. Let them experience the consequences of failure, and encourage them to always pick up and try again, by coming up with new creative approaches to the problem.


Great Bedtime Stories

Reading time, as always, is essential to your child’s development in so many ways. It builds language and critical thinking skills and helps them learn to visualize. This means they can put images to the words they see and hear—a vital part of creativity. By spending time every night with great bedtime stories, you will be naturally helping your child to build their creative reasoning skills.

What about technology? Kids are steeped in it these days. They immediately run to a smartphone, tablet or computer to explore the world. There’s nothing wrong with this, but the next time they sit down to play a game online, why not encourage them to try an interactive eBook instead? Check out some of the great free books we have to offer, like “The Star Money,” and then look over the rest of the amazing creativity-building literacy resources we have available today.