Why Spring is the Perfect Time for Kids to Read and Learn about Nature

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Learn why spring is the perfect time to use bedtime stories for children to teach lessons about nature and the world in which we live.

Kids spend a lot of time in the classroom learning facts and figures about the world at large. The information they get there is invaluable to their development, but it only goes so far. Nothing beats the experience of learning. When it comes to spring, there is no better time of year to get kids out and experiencing nature first hand as they learn about how the world around them works. Learn why spring is the perfect time to use bedtime stories for children to teach lessons about nature and the world in which we live.

Seeing the Circle of Life

Springtime is the perfect time of year for children to witness the circle of life in action. Everything transforms, almost magically, from gray, brown and dead to green, brightly-colored and vibrantly alive. As children learn about how plants and animals grow and awake to the world, they can go out and see it with their own eyes.


The Value of Ecosystems

By witnessing the beginnings of new life, children learn what an ecosystem is, and can see how different forms of life depend on one another for survival. They might, for example, see a bee on a flower which then moves to another flower. You can explain to them how the bee carries pollen from one plant to another, and that’s what enables plants to reproduce. You can explain how an earthworm nourishes and tills the soil, and in turn helps to feed a robin and its new babies. There are tons of ways that kids can learn how the earth is all interrelated.


Environmental Action for a Better World

As children learn how the environment works, how all species are dependent on each other for survival, they will gain an appreciation for protecting the natural world around them. Kids are our future, and we have to start change with them. Defending our world against waste and harm is becoming more important every year, and the younger that kids realize that, the brighter our future will become. This will especially be true if you explain the threats our world faces as you demonstrate the intricate balance of the ecosystem to them.


Bedtime Stories for Children

Of course, after you spend a day out and about, teaching your child everything you can about the wonderful world around them, it’s time to pull out the evening book. Bedtime stories for children can be a great way to reinforce everything they’ve seen in the world. Why not try an interactive eBook after dinner to allow them to supplement their computer time with some fun and educational programming?

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