The Benefits of Having Educational Apps On Your Android Phones

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best free educational android apps for childrenHaving an Android phone nowadays and maximizing its full potential is just one of the great benefits of having this powerful platform in mobile technology. Aside from downloading the essential apps, games, music and videos to amuse a child’s creativity, another useful factor that can greatly contribute to a child’s sensible character and mind development is to download educational apps which will not only educate but help mold their character, values, integrity and good behavior. Game apps may keep their mind preoccupied but it does not teach a child proper education and traditional values.

One of the best android apps for young children that have fast gained popularity for its wholesome and interactive story books is iStorybook. It is an educational app where children can go online and read classic children’s stories on their own or read together as a family. This interesting app for smartphone use holds a great number of wholesome stories that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, on the go, in a car, while traveling on the plane, during long drives etc. The fantastic picture quality with accompanying text, clear audio, colorful and playful graphics, and totally interactive features works really cool plus the stories provided promotes good values education and leaves a great moral lesson for the child to understand. It is equipped with an easy to save media files with the use of My Library. Aside from the animated page turner and bigger text fonts, parents can also easily customize favorite media files where they can have an option to add or delete books to My Library.

Every parent has a responsibility to teach values at the kid’s most important learning stage by providing opportunities that will encourage their enthusiasm, focus, and creativity. Sparking their creativity is one of the greatest aspects of learning to get them interested to do worthwhile activities as they grow up. You can take him to the zoo, museums, art galleries, educational books, travel abroad etc. where he can learn to draw inspiration and develop his aspirations and principles in life. Encourage your kids to engage in brain boosting activities where their cognitive skills can further develop and help build their self esteem and sense of pride on their accomplishments. Teach them to love the idea of learning new things all the time and that the only way to answer their curiosity about things is through reading.

iStorybook is your perfect companion to spend quality time to read along with your child during bedtime or family past time sessions. This educational app is one with you in your goal of providing the most effective learning tool which their young minds can fully explore. One of the best Android apps for young children encompasses the ideals of giving the best to educate and help the child develop the great habit of reading online. Set aside a special time in the day where you and your child can greatly enjoy a good read of the interesting stories found online.

If you actively participate and support their love for reading the child feels more loved and cared for thereby developing their self confidence more stable and stronger as they grow up. All stories can be easily accessed through the use of this essential educational app which has taken bedtime story telling to a higher standard, interactive and more comprehensible level.