5 Ways to Develop a Summer Reading Schedule for Your Children

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summer reading

When people think of summer, they think of vacations, swimming, camps and fun. Few people think about reading, and this is unfortunate, especially if you have a young child who needs to keep their skills up. Summer reading should remain an important part of your child’s routine even when they’re not in school. Check out these five tips for summer reading, from bedtime stories for children to surrounding kids with books and keeping them reading all summer long.

Summer Bedtime Stories for Children

There are tons of opportunities to work bedtime stories for children into your son or daughter’s routine during the summer months. Even at barbecues, camping trips or family vacations to the beach, there are times you can find to sit down and work in a book and some quiet time to read. It’s just a matter of adopting the right habits.


Seeing You Read

One of the most important factors in keeping your child reading through the summer is to read yourself. Your child has to see you reading, even if it’s magazines and newspapers. The more they see you read, the more kids will want to emulate what you’re doing. This will quietly encourage them to find time to read themselves.


Schedule It

Nobody likes to have a schedule during those summer months. Still, it’s important to have that time set aside every day that will fit into your routine while enabling you to sit down and read aloud with your child. Stick to that schedule no matter what, and you’ll find that your kids actually look forward to the time you spend together.


Connect it to Activities

Connect your summer reading to summer activities! If, for example, you visit a farm at some point in the summer, try a book about a couple of kids doing the same, such as Lincoln and Laura Visit the Farm. This allows kids to get a little something extra out of their reading time.


Library Summer Reading

Almost every public library has a summer reading program for kids. In fact, it’s a national themed program sponsored by the American Library Association. This year’s theme is “Ready, Set, Read!” and it’s geared towards exercising the mind and body.


Keep Books Handy

You should always have a book nearby. This will allow you to pull it out and get reading with your child any time they’re in the mood. As many parents with avid readers can tell you, the more your children are surrounded by books, the more eager they will become to explore reading and literature. Access to books goes hand in hand with a desire to read them!

When your child is at home and looking for something to do, why not add the option for interactive eBooks to their computer time? Check out our list of free bedtime stories for kids, as well as our other blogs and lists of early reading tips and tools today!