Benefits of Reading in a New Language

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Bedtime stories for children

Parents who read to their children on a regular basis from a young age are already doing a lot to get kids off to a great start in life. Among the opportunities listed here, what are the benefits of teaching your child a second language? The benefits of knowing a second language cannot be understated! Read about the benefits of using bedtime stories for children to teach your kids a second language and give them a leg up in today’s world.

Bedtime Stories for Children

Bedtime stories for children carry many benefits beyond the standard tools for life success. They allow kids to sleep better and to de-stress from the day. They create vital bonding time that brings parents and kids closer together and forms memories that can last a lifetime. They reinforce the idea that parents are a comfort and people to whom the child can go when they are in trouble. They can also, of course, be a fun way to teach new skills. Reading a classic fairy tale in your native language and then in a foreign tongue, for example, can get a kid off to a great start as a bilingual person.

Boosting Brain Power

Reading in a foreign language further enhances the basic skills of early literacy. It increases brain power by teaching kids to process a new syntax at the same time as they learn their native one. They can recognize how different languages are structured differently, and their overall literacy and critical skills will sharpen as a result.


As a side effect of these sharpened skills, kids learn how to instantly multi-task by shifting gears from one language to another. Multi-tasking, as we all know, is an essential skill for surviving and thriving in today’s world, and there are few better ways to learn it than by learning a second language.

Improved Memory

As a child develops in their early years, they build important memory and learning skills that will serve them their entire life. Having to retain information about two different languages and be able to switch between them at will requires a significant amount of memory, and early in life is the time to develop this memory. The more the child uses their brain, the better it works, and reading in a foreign language will boost memory and thought processes.

Better Decision Making

How many parents worry about whether their kids will make the right choices in life? We are not sure exactly why studies prove that multi-lingual people have better decision-making skills than those who speak only one tongue, but it could be due to the decisions of nuances and expressions that bilingual people make. Regardless of the reasons, learning a second language will help to improve your child’s decision-making processes!

If you are looking to improve your child’s decision-making, memory, multi-tasking and overall brain power skills, get started with an interactive eBook in multiple languages. Check out our selections of bedtime stories for kids, and explore our site for more great tips and tricks for early reading fun.