The Benefits of Reading and Science Game Apps for Kids

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science | math | gamesLearning can be a fun activity with kids if the use of android phones is incorporated in their studying and reading time. There are lots of educational reading apps online that can help a child develop good learning skills at a very young age. Aside from reading, there are also science games for kids that can be downloaded online and enjoyed in your android phones. Reading stories along with your kids will strengthen the bond as a family and help build their comprehension skills while solving challenging math and science game apps together can make the child understand science – math problem solving skills more advanced than any other kids.

Getting the child exposed early to the love of reading with the help of android apps develops the child’s imagination and creativity at a very early stage. Reading along with them the various online books on iStoryBooks not only helps enrich their minds but you also get to spend quality leisure time with them. It also enriches their word vocabulary and better appreciation of the language skills. The colorful graphic attracts their interest to read more and finish every classic stories which has a great moral lesson to teach kids. The large font text and crisp audio motivates the child to read even more and explore every new book which is published every two weeks.

The easy to turn pages makes their reading time an enjoyable activity as they browse through each stories and pictures with intense curiosity. When you read them stories it makes them more attentive and focused by familiarizing themselves with every letter of the alphabet and the written word that they encounter as you read. Learning new and interesting story characters helps them identify and relate their situations to the story character they are reading. Children’s minds are easily impressed and can not help but imitate or mimic the story character they have just been read to.


A healthy imagination is a good sign that they are interacting and fully understand what you just both enjoyed reading. With iStoryBooks, these inspirational stories can be easily accessed anytime, anywhere, on the go or even during traveling, long drives, etc. It is also a good way to maintain closeness and open communication with your kids.

After reading aloud an online book, you can ask how their opinions are about the characters in the story and engage your child to a healthy conversation and spend this great quality family time with them everyday.
Training them to understand mathematics at a young age will develop their numbers and retaining information skills while they are being entertained as they play online science games. It helps the child become competitive and smart if they can recognize both letters and numbers better than most kids their age.

Being knowledgeable in math and science helps develop their critical thinking skills which they can use in all aspects of learning and improve their quick thinking process and attention span. From simple number recognition, counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, a child can have a greater edge over other students if they have early exposure to learning numbers and solving math and science game problems from downloaded android math game apps. A well developed reading and math comprehension skill will greatly help them in their school studies and make them excel in any field they aspire to lead in the future.