Best Educational Babysitting Activities

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Best Educational Babysitting Activities

Whether you’re new to babysitting or an experienced au pair, there eventually comes a time when you stop to wonder what you can do to keep these kids entertained? Some of the best ways to spend time with kids are through games and activities that both engage and educate them. From goodie bags to reading time, discover some fun and educational babysitting activities including bedtime stories for children that can keep kids entertained and occupied.

Fun Packs

Put together some fun bags with craft activities and other activities that you’ll do when you spend the day, afternoon or evening together. These could consist of crayons and coloring books, a movie, music, books or the things you’ll be using to create a fun craft. Just be sure to talk with mom and dad before you put together any specialized craft activities. Crafts can be fun and educational, though sometimes they can get messy and have the potential for minor accidents.


Games and Puzzles

There are tons of educational games out there these days which are specially built to be loads of fun for children, but still teach them important skills, whether it’s math, vocabulary, problem solving or any of a number of myriad skills. Sitting down to build a puzzle with a child is a learning tool unto itself—children learn spatial awareness and problem solving skills through the process.


Maker Time!

You may or may not have heard of “maker” culture, but it’s a growing trend and a great one. The idea is to get kids engaging in hands-on skills that our increasingly technology-oriented society isn’t pushing anymore.


You’ll probably want to avoid heavy stuff that requires tools, but there are a lot of options for kid-friendly maker activities. With mom and dad’s permission, teach them to do something hands-on: sewing, knitting, origami and even basic electronics kits are available specially for toddlers these days! Something as simple as making paper airplanes can be a lot of fun and teaches kids how to create something out of nothing.


Bedtime Stories for Children

Reading fun bedtime stories for children can be a great way to put the kids down when the hour is late and bedtime approaches. Many children’s books and stories are custom-tailored to teach lessons. From fairy tales and fables to classics about curious monkeys and the most modern tales, these books will entertain and teach. If kids are geared towards video games, interactive eBooks can be a great way to get them engaged and learning before bed at night.


Reading for at least 30 minutes a day should be part of every child’s routine, and as a babysitter you’re in a great position to help that happen. If you’re babysitting and would like some insight on how reading can be helpful and fun for kids, take some time to peruse our other blogs on the subject and look through some classic tales with a new technology spin across our entire site!