eBooks and School Progress

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Children today are raised with technology. In some cases, before they can even walk, they’ve learned how to use mom and dad’s smartphone to play games or just engage with the colorful and interactive graphics. Electronics have become part and parcel of how our children explore the world, and that includes reading. A new report from the National Literacy Trust in the United Kingdom is now claiming that eBooks can improve your child’s reading and school progress.

eBooks and School Progress

The report, issued on December 9, examined 40 different schools and over 465 students ranging from the ages of 8 and 16 in the United Kingdom. Each school designed a unique reading project and utilized eBook software to monitor the reading habits of the students throughout the project.

The study showed that boys saw an improved effective reading age of 8.5 months over the period. Those boys that saw reading as difficult reduced by almost half, and over 2/3 of the students said reading was cool, which was nearly double than those who liked it at the beginning.

Why eBooks?

The reason eBooks seemed to resonate with students is the fact that technology is so integrated into their lives. Students felt that paper was boring while scrolling and interaction with the screen which enabled easier digestion of text, and the ability to jump off to an app and take a break, was very attractive.

The conclusion seems to be that eBooks improve reading and school progress because they engage kids on a modern technologically-savvy level. Kids enjoy the interactivity of electronic reading and the variety of activities available. Since this option makes reading more fun, they tend to get more engaged in the process and thus become better readers.

The Advantages of Reading

Reading is directly related to the success of a child as he or she goes through their school years and into later life. It stimulates areas of the brain that control critical thinking, reasoning, problem solving and creativity, all abilities that are vital to success in today’s world. Studies have shown that kids who read for pleasure are better situated to find success in life than those who don’t, and that the earlier a child develops a love of literature, the better off they will be.

This study, which also incorporates statistics showing that over 3/4 of kids like using technology when reading and just over half like reading on paper, sheds light on how technology has affected our children’s lives and the importance it can serve in ongoing education and success.

As more schools offer technology as part of their curriculum, access to reading materials will increase as well. If you are looking for help engaging and investing your child in early reading skills, an interactive eBook may be the answer. We offer a broad range of free eBooks to get you started. After trying a few of those, feel free to look through our site at the many different subscription services and options we offer.