How Reading Time and Success are Connected

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reading to your children

Reading to your children has so many benefits. It creates a strong bond between parent and child, it helps your kid to learn to read for themselves and it establishes associations of closeness and safety with reading. This can lead to a lifelong love of literacy and reading. It can also lead to reading as a healthy coping method for stress as the child grows. Perhaps most importantly, however, is that reading is directly associated with greater success in life as the child grows into an adult. Here are a few ways that reading time and success are connected.

Visual Stimulation

Recent studies have indicated that listening to stories actually stimulates the area of a child’s brain that is associated with processing images. This occurs because when kids listen to descriptions in stories, their brain conjures images to go with the words. In short, it stimulates imagination and directly helps with their ability to visualize concepts and ideas. This is a vital connection between reading time and success.

Vocabulary Building

Talking to kids is important, especially when they are infants and toddlers. This helps them to build the communication skills that will be important later in life. Reading, however, takes this a step further. It exposes kids to a lot more words than they might otherwise hear, as well as a variety of grammar and language use that will help them build their own language tools. Through reading time, they build vocabulary and learn to structure sentences in interesting ways.

Information Processing

Regardless of income, social or education status, reading time with children has been proven to boost their capacity for information processing. Children whose parents read to them at least six days a week have higher scores in comprehension and retaining information than those who have no more than one or two reading sessions a week. These results hold steady all the way up to age ten!

Problem Solving and Analytics

Children who have reading time with their parents are also proven to have much better problem solving tools than other kids. The process of reading, visualization and information processing connects together to allow kids to interpret and analyze information much better than their peers who have no reading time. As a result, they tend to be more industrious, intuitive and innovative than other children.

Coping Mechanisms

We all know that life is stress. As children grow older, it will be vital for them to have strong coping skills. Reading time is a great way to de-stress and escape from the pressures of life. Children who have parental bonding through reading time are much more likely to read for pleasure as they get older, and this can become a valuable part of their coping tools when life becomes too much to bear.

Reading time and success are intricately linked. The best way to get started is with a fun and interactive eBook, like the classic fairy tale of Snow White. Take a look at this free eBook and then check out our other awesome early literacy tools to get your child started on the road to success.