How to Build Your Child’s Reading Confidence

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As adults, we tend to take reading for granted, but for a child, it can be a daunting and intimidating task. Learn these ways to help your child gain more confidence in reading, and to get them reading kids’ bedtime stories all on their own!

Building Reading Confidence

It can be a heartbreaking and worrying thing for a parent to see a child struggle as they learn to read. It can seem that the more you push and encourage, the more adamant they are to avoid reading. It’s vital to make sure that your child has the ability to develop confidence in their reading skills. In the end, the goal is to get them reading kids’ bedtime stories independently rather than having you read to them.

No Pressure for Kids’ Bedtime Stories

The more pressure your child feels to read aloud, the more likely they are to avoid it—it’s just human nature. The trick is to sit with your child, read to and with them, and get them to follow along as you read. Don’t try to push them to read on their own; that should develop naturally as they follow with you. Trace your finger under each line as you sit cuddled together. If they seem interested, encourage them to give it a try, but don’t push if there’s resistance.

Privacy Matters

If your child picks up a book on their own, don’t rush over to sit next to them every time. Let them take the time to explore reading on their own. They might bring the book to you and ask for reading time, or ask for help. Otherwise, be glad that they are showing individual interest!

A Different Crowd

If your child seems intimidated by reading to you, suggest that they read to a doll or stuffed animal. These imaginary friends won’t judge, so the child can progress at their own pace.

Struggle Yourself

If you encounter words that aren’t easy, it’s okay for your child to see you struggle with them as well. This will let the child know that they’re not alone in having to work at reading, and will make them feel better about the process. Also, don’t be quick to correct every single mistake. It’s important to correct, but don’t go overboard or they might feel discouraged.

Make the Resources Available

Resources like interactive eBooks are a great way for a child to build reading skills and confidence. They allow the child to read with someone other than you, and see the words flash along the screen as they go. It’s also a fun and exciting way for your child to explore the various world of reading options out there.

If your child is ready to start exploring reading independently, check out one of our great eBooks like The World of Dinosaurs. Then, expose your kids to all of the many wonderful literacy resources we have available today!