Innovative Ways to Help Your Child Build Their Vocabulary

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Good bedtime stories

From the moment your child begins to babble and discover that they have a voice that can communicate, you’re excited about teaching them to talk and building their vocabulary. Every new word is exciting and an adventure. Sometimes, however, you hit a wall where the child wants to stick with what they know. It’s important to encourage them to continue to talk further and gain new words. Learn a number of innovative and creative ways to help your child build their vocabulary, including good bedtime stories and reading time together.

Listening Helps Learning

Does that sound like a truism? It doesn’t mean what you think it does. We’re not talking about the child listening—we’re talking about you as a listener. When your child expresses themselves to you, really take the time to listen and be patient as they search for the best way to communicate their desires, needs and thoughts.


Use Real Language

Baby talk is fun, but it’s not exactly helpful. When you speak with your child, use clear, real vocabulary of your own. Children mimic their parents, so the clearer your speech is, the clearer your child will respond and the more they will learn. Using play language can actually stifle your child’s ability to build vocabulary skills.


Ask Questions

Asking questions may not seem creative, but it encourages your child to think and consider new ways to say what they’re trying to get across. It not only helps them to build vocabulary but to engage in creative thinking and build their puzzle-solving skills. You can use reading time in the evenings to engage in question and answer sessions as well!


Keep Them Talking

Every parent has those days where they just want some peace and quiet, but when your child is going on and on, encourage them to keep going! The more they talk, the more words they’ll discover, and the better their vocabulary will become. Vocabulary development is an ongoing process that is continuously in development, so keep your child talking—and you’ll keep them building their arsenal of words.


Play Games

Games are a fun, creative and innovative way to build skills of all forms. There is an adage that a child’s job is to play, and it’s true in every way. Playing vocabulary games with your child is a great way to have a good time, create a lasting bond and memories, and help them improve their overall language skills.


Good Bedtime Stories

Of course, one of the best ways to bond with your child, create a safe and loving environment for them, and encourage them to build skills from vocabulary to critical thinking, creativity, analytical skills and more is to take the time every night to read good bedtime stories together. If you would love a way to accomplish this, check out one of our free interactive eBooks, and explore the other great early literacy tools we have available.