Kids Games Under 5 – Tips to Engage Your Child in Reading

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FAiry Tales OnlineIn the past few decades as people start to live busier and busier lives and incorporate more and more technology into their existence, a concept that has been to a degree lost by society is the idea of storytelling. merges technology and the world’s oldest tradition together to provide a wholesome environment with which to become your own storyteller to your children. At any place in any time.

Storytelling allows children to form ideas about such abstract concepts as moral responsibility, gender roles, heroic attributes, teamwork, value of the elderly and those attributes which are to be avoided. But we certainly know that finding time to incorporate these stories traditionally can be difficult.

Some tips that may assist in helping to engage your child and reading are:

1. before bedtime, this is the traditional bonding time for child and parents. It’s a perfect opportunity to sit down with your child and read a story, whether it be the traditional tale of Cinderella or something more educational about animals or cars. Children are far more prone to remember information they absorb before bed, so this is the perfect time to instil values, beliefs and traditions for your child.

2. Travel time, whether it’s a long car trip, a flight or even a long walk, because the app can be accessed on smart phones it’s easy for children to engage in stories on the go. It will help them pass the time, while using the time productively. And with a bit of luck, they will be less likely to spend that time troubling you.

3. Create meaningful characters, children’s imaginations are almost limitless so when you read stories to them they’ve fully engage in the character as reality so it’s important to provide full use of your storytelling skills. If you’re pretending to be the big bad wolf, try making your voice low and maybe growl a little. If you’re pretending to be red riding hood, try to make yourself sound like a young child (yes even if you are the father!)

4. Don’t forget the message, most well-written children’s stories have a message behind them. The phrase “the moral of the story” came from children’s fairy tales. So remember when you telling a child the story, be prepared and ready to explain that moral. Cinderella tells us that anyone can be beautiful, no matter what their socioeconomic status. Little red riding hood warns us of the danger of strangers and the heroics of the lumberjack. So remember, the moral is as important as the story itself.

Storytelling is the world’s oldest tradition, for thousands of years it was the main form of communication of some of the world’s earliest civilizations. There is a very good reason it has survived so long, it engages the imagination. And now we have the opportunity to merge the convenience of technology with the traditional storytelling methods. In a world where television is king, and children as young as 3 have X-boxes, bring a little imagination back into your children’s lives with