Learning America’s History Through Books

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More and more kids are rediscovering the wonder of reading. This is a great thing, as it expands their creativity, enhances their intelligence and critical thinking skills and greatly improves their chances for success in academics and life. It also allows them to explore learning on their own. One popular trend among children today is to read about history. Here is a look at learning America’s history through reading and why you should encourage your children to do so.

Life Lessons from Learning America’s History

There are so many lessons to learn from America’s history. All too often, history in schools is a rote collection of names, dates and events. The details can get lost in translation. When children explore history on their own through pleasure reading, they learn the “why” and “how” as much as the “who, what and when” of the events. This can be very important, as there are great lessons to be learned through history.

History is full of men and women who exemplify loyalty, bravery and sacrifice in the face of overwhelming odds. It is full of role models. It is also more exciting and thrilling than any Hollywood motion picture.

Exploration and Expansion

While classroom learning is vital to our children’s development, it is also very limited in scope. Teachers have only so much time to impart vital information before they have to move onto a new subject.

When a child finds a topic about which they are interested, leisure reading allows them to further explore and expand their knowledge of the topic. Reading lets them deepen their connection to these events and truly comprehend the great things that have occurred throughout the ages.

Reading is Interactive

Reading offers children a direct connection with the source material. In a classroom, knowledge is delivered second-hand through a filter. Teachers are experts at doing this, but learning America’s history through reading complements the information a child gains in school, allowing them to experience and interpret events and actions on their own, without someone else’s opinion interfering. They can then go on to more fully understand and discuss these events, helping to broaden their horizons and even pass on their excitement and enthusiasm to others.

Where We Come From, Where We’re Going

Reading history allows children to understand our culture, where it comes from and where it is going. Not only do they encounter amazing role models, they get to read about huge mistakes. They learn how we’ve overcome great difficulties and evolved as a species. Remember, children are our future.

The more kids know about what came before, the less likely they are to repeat the mistakes of the past and the more likely they are to exemplify the great heroes that have come before. This can be a key factor in our kids building a brighter future for themselves and for our society.

There is no time like the present to get your child started on an exciting interest in learning America’s history. Take a look at some of our free historical interactive eBooks, and get your child off on the road to adventure and knowledge.