Maintaining Your Child’s Bedtime Schedule While on Vacation

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Bedtime stories for kids

Everyone looks forward to vacation—those days when you get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and just enjoy some fun and excitement. Maybe it is the beach. Possibly it is an amusement park. It could be a camping trip. The trick for many parents is allowing their kids to maintain the fun and freedom of vacation while ensuring that they keep to their sleep schedule. Otherwise, over-exhausted kids equate to a miserable time for everyone. Learn how to maintain your child’s sleep schedule while on vacation, including keeping to your bedtime stories for kids and nightly reading time.

Plan Ahead

Make sure that your child has a well-established sleep routine before you leave for vacation. Make sure they understand that while you will be having fun, that they will still need to go to bed and maintain their nightly routine every day. Make a plan to keep to that schedule based on where you will be staying—you will have to plan differently for a hotel than for a relative’s home, for example.

Consider Time Zones

Time zones can wreak havoc with a sleep schedule. The first few nights your child might have difficulty sleeping if the time zone is later where you are going (so 8 pm for them is 9 pm in the new place), or they might fall asleep before bedtime if it is earlier. Plan for how this might affect things, and try to keep your child’s sleep schedule adjusted. You may have to deal with a day or two of issues, but things will fall into place.

Be Ready for Challenges

Especially the first couple nights of your vacation, you might face challenges. Be prepared to deal with these. Children having to share beds and rooms, for example, can present an issue with waking them up if there are on different schedules. Kids sleeping in rooms to which they are not accustomed can be scary. You never know what’s going to cause a meltdown, so be ready to find a way to have some quiet time to allow everyone to adjust and get back on track.

Bedtime Stories for Kids

It can be a big comfort to bring a taste of home with you on your trip. One of the biggest comforts your children can have is when you settle down in the evenings to read bedtime stories for kids together. If you have got an arranged reading time with your child, stick to it like glue. If you do not, vacation could be a great time to start! Reading a story with your child can be a great and very natural way to get them to drift off.

Providing the means for them to access stories on their computers or mobile devices while traveling is also an excellent way to keep kids occupied. Check out a few of the free interactive eBooks we offer, and explore our site for more early literacy tricks today!