Make a Snow Day Productive

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snow day

Kids love snow days; parents, not so much. While it’s always nice to have extra time to spend with your children, you build your schedule around their school time and a snow day means having to find new ways to be productive. Rather than having your children play video games or sit in front of the television, why not take the opportunity for some activities that are both fun and educational? Here are some ways to work in some reading and writing activities to make a productive snow day.

Productive Snow Day

When your kids get the day off school because of winter weather, the first thing they’re going to want to do is celebrate. That will be followed either by sled-riding and outdoor play or sitting in front of the tablet or computer playing video games. While play time is certainly vital for kids, you may want to make their time off a bit more productive and educational.

Reading at the Store

Did you have a grocery store trip planned? Take your kids with you and use it as an opportunity to practice their reading and math skills! Have them read the boxes of the items you buy and teach them how to figure out what everything costs. If you buy cereal that costs two dollars and milk that costs three dollars, what is the total price? Make a game of it and reward them if they do well.

Use the News

Do you have a newspaper or magazine handy at home? Why not make letter murals? Have your kids cut out letters and photos from the articles and headlines and glue them together to spell out words and make stories? Before they assemble the words, have them take the time to write out the caption or story they want to tell. That way you’re building their reading and writing skills at the same time.

The Home Library

Head to wherever your home library is located, whether it’s an office or study, your child’s bedroom or the family room. Work with your child to sort through the books, removing ones that you’ve never read and probably won’t read, and reorganizing those you love. Take a visit to a used book store to exchange those you’re weeding and replace them with fresh, new and exciting titles. Who doesn’t love getting something new, and your child won’t be able to wait to dig into the new stories!

Extra Reading Time

Of course, the simplest and most fun thing you can do is add some extra family reading time. Curling up in front of the fire with a cup of cocoa and reading with your children will create warm and lasting memories as well as help them build excitement for reading that will last their whole lives. For those readers who prefer to go it online, try using an interactive eBook that combines a video-game-like experience with the practice of reading.

If you’d like to try electronic resources, we offer a line of free interactive e-books. Check out a few, and then look at our other great resources for early literacy activities!