Perfect Stories for Summertime Reading

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Great stories for kids

We all know the danger of skills atrophy for kids over the summer months. While summer is a great break from the hard work of day-to-day school and learning, it is also a time when kids need to keep flexing those mental muscles. Since they do not have the advantage of the school curriculum to keep them reading, it is important for you to be able to find great books to keep them going during the vacation months. Check out these amazing resources that offer information on great stories for kids so you can keep their love of books going strong all summer long!

Great Stories for Kids

Great stories for kids come in all shapes and sizes, and every kid is different. One child might want to read about baseball all summer long while another might be more interested in history and biographies. Still a third might be interested in nature and fables about animals. It is best for parents to tailor the summer reading experience, so look at these resources to find books that are just right for your child.

The Local Library

Your local library will have a wealth of books and reading resources to keep your child going. In fact, many libraries have themed summer reading programs which are specifically designed to pique the interest of children and get them excited with prizes, awards and fun activities that dovetail with reading resources.


Goodreads is a website that offers peer and professional reviews of hundreds of thousands of books. You can search for the subjects in which your child is interested and get recommendations from other parents, from teachers and even from other kids!


If your child is a bit older—middle-grade to teen years—Figment is a fun resource. It allows kids to share their own writing and discuss the literature and styles that interest them. It can be a great way to get kids further exploring their interests.

The Children’s Book Review

The Children’s Book Review is a site similar to Goodreads but is exclusively dedicated to children’s books. It provides book lists and reviews for literature at all kids’ reading levels from infant to teen, as well as interviews and articles about authors, illustrators and more. It is a great resource for summer reading.

Interactive eBooks

Of course, many kids love to play on the computer all summer, and not including interactive eBooks in their summer reading program is likely doing them a disservice. Since kids are steeped in technology, giving them a reading experience that is similar to the browser games they like to play can be an invaluable tool to keep them going during the summer months.

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