What to Do When Your Child Dislikes Reading

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It is not uncommon for children to be reluctant readers—those who dislike the process of reading will resist it adamantly. If your child is like this, do not feel as though you have done something wrong. Not all kids take to reading like a baseball to a bat. It is, however, vitally important to get your child reading and it is not an issue that you should let go. There are many tactics you can take to get reluctant readers more willing to look at books, and even to help them learn to love reading and all of the joys that come with it. Learn what to do when your child dislikes reading, and how great stories for children can turn them on to a world of fun and freedom.

Find Out What Interests Them

The first issue that parents find which drive kids away from reading is trying to get them to look at books that are not interesting to them. Just because, for example, you have seen a study indicating that history books are great for kids, it does not mean that your child will be interested in reading history. If you try to force it on them, they might turn off altogether. Great stories for children come in all varieties, and you can find something that will pique your child’s interest. Later, you can move on to bigger things.

Building Blocks and Baby Steps

One mistake many parents make is trying to push their kids to read bigger and more complex books than they are ready to tackle. You would be amazed at how far into childhood your basic Dr. Seuss books can go! When your child is ready for something larger, you’ll see it. For now, to get things up and running, start small and do not be afraid of picture books and board books.

Tie-In Media and Great Stories for Children

Show your child how books and visual media go together. Before you read, show them a program about the subject that interests them, whether it is a cartoon, movie or kid-centric documentary. When it is over, ask them if they want to know more. Use this to segue into reading a book with them, and show them just how much there is to gain from books and literature.

Bring Technology into the Picture

Kids are steeped in technology. They are born with it. Shaped by it. You did not see an eBook until you were already grown. Using technology is a natural way to get kids into reading. Especially when you start out with interactive eBooks that have a similar look and feel to some of the video games they love playing. They can then associate reading with some of their favorite pastimes.

These are just a few ways that you can encourage reluctant readers to pick up books. Check out some of our free interactive eBooks and explore our website for more great tips and tricks for getting your child into reading today!