Why and How eBooks Accommodate Your Child

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Bedtime stories for children

Parents often discover that getting children to read can be a huge challenge in this day and age. Kids turn away from traditional books as “boring” and old-fashioned compared to their current forms of education. Still, reading is vital to a child’s development. Kids today are steeped in technology from the time they can hold a smartphone. This is why eBooks are a great solution. Read about how eBooks are a great source of bedtime stories for children that also accommodate your child’s reading needs.

Bedtime Stories for Children

There are a lot of studies that show that technology at bedtime can be problematic. But if your kids are going to be looking at the screen anyway, why not get them looking at something that will build a love of literature and reading that will help them the rest of their lives? New studies, in fact, have highlighted a few concrete reasons how bedtime stories for children in the form of eBooks and the interactive nature they provide can practically benefit children.

Guiding Children’s Eyes

One of the biggest benefits kids get from eBooks is that the interactive nature of the text guides their eyes through highlighting, animation and other techniques. As they find their eyes guided along the text, kids tend to focus on them more closely and for a longer time than with a traditional book. They engage more directly with the text, in much the same way as they might engage with their favorite game or online activity.

Kids are visual learners, and interactive eBooks allow them to make the most out of this tendency. They listen to the recorded voice as they watch the animation and the text move before their eyes, and they process information better.

Slowing It Down

New readers tend to get lost easily. When you read to a child, you may have a tendency to pick things up and read a bit too fast for them to keep up. EBooks are recorded at an ideal pace to slow down the pace of reading. This allows children to take the time they need to process the information presented and enjoy the action of the story. It’s ironic that in a world where technology has sped up the pace of everything, eBooks help kids to slow down and learn at a more leisurely pace.

Interaction Matters

It’s important, however, not to just leave your child at the computer and walk away. One of the biggest benefits of reading together is creating a parent-child bond. Spend time with your child while they read. Talk about the book with them. Point out interesting and funny things. Discuss the story before and after you read.

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