Why eBooks Are Gaining in Popularity

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Great stories for kids

For the past decade or so since the first popular eReaders hit the stage in large numbers, eBooks have continually gained popularity among the general public. Especially for kids, this format is extremely popular and attractive for a variety of reasons. From online resources to your local library and even in physical book stores, eBooks are everywhere and they don’t seem to be going anywhere. Learn why great stories for kids in the form of interactive eBooks are gaining in popularity and how they can help your child’s love of early reading.

Print vs. eBook

Bibliophiles need not be terrified, first of all. Print books are still holding steady, which points to an interesting development: people are reading both print and eBook formats, rather than choosing one over the other. For children especially, though, there are a wealth of reasons why eBooks are an attractive format when it comes to great stories for kids.


eBooks, first of all, are exceptionally accessible. They’re online and available for free in a broad variety of formats, from basic text to fully interactive experiences with video-game-like interfaces. This brings us to our next strong eBook advantage for children.


eBooks by their very nature tend to be more interactive than physical books, which are a much more passive means of gaining information. The active nature of eBooks dovetails nicely with kids who are growing up in a world where they’re surrounded by technology from the day they’re boon. Technology, quite simply, is how kids learn these days, and eBooks take advantage of that fact.

New vs. Old

Children always are looking to be ahead of the curve. They want to adopt the latest and greatest that their friends use. That means always trying out the newest approaches to entertainment and learning. Just like kids want the newest game console every year, when it comes to reading, if it’s something that’s seen as “old-fashioned” they’re not going to be interested. Print vs. eBooks, to many kids, is like black-and-white movies from the 40s vs. the latest 3D superhero flick in theaters.


eReaders and tablets make the use of eBooks extremely convenient. No longer do you have to carry around one or maybe two books at a time, stuffing your bag with them. Now you can have a device that’s smaller than a single book but which allows you to read literally hundreds of books, anytime and anywhere. It’s hard to beat convenience in an on-the-go society, and eBooks ensure that when your kid finishes a book, there’s always another one waiting to be started. It’s a great way to make sure you’ve got something to keep your children occupied!

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