Why it’s Critical You Read to Your Kids

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reading to your kids

Your child is never too young to start a reading regimen. Reading to your kids carries so many benefits for both you and your child that you are cheating both yourself and them if you don’t read. Sit back, ready your character voices and get ready to open your child’s mind, expand their imagination and improve their academic success. Here are a few reasons why the time you spend with your child reading is critical.

Building Brain Networks

Recent studies have shown that listening to books improves critical thinking, imagination, creativity and comprehension, which helps kids grow in to more effective students who love learning and reading. This is because it helps to build brain networks, or paths of synapses, that light up while kids listen to books. Children who are read to on a regular basis see higher levels of activity in the brain, especially where visual and sound stimuli are concerned.

These study results indicate that engaging kids in literature at a very young age helps them to develop not only their own reading skills, but their imagination. This will help them to function academically in the future, and will engage their ability to analyze situations and think outside the box.

Building Vocabulary and Language

Another study shows that kids whose parents regularly read build vocabulary and language skills. This is because books contain varied language and diverse word lists that encourage kids to construct sentences that vary instead of using standard phrases. Put simply, the time you spend with children reading is critical to exposure to new words and sentences and will help them learn to communicate better.

Balancing the Scales

Children who are read to at a young age are proven to have a higher learning aptitude. These kids will do better in their education and studies as they grow older. Even for kids who may not have the educational opportunities that others do, reading is critical to balancing the scales and giving them the opportunity for academic excellence.

Focus and Concentration

In a world of digital media where attention spans are lessening every day, spending time reading to your kids can help to counteract the effects of LED screens and microblogging as they get older. Because information comes at us so quickly, more kids than ever are having trouble focusing for more than a few minutes at a time.

Spending time reading stories with your child as they are young teaches them to focus and concentrate on one thing for an extended period of time. This is even true of interactive e-books and the focus they develop from concentrating on reading will serve them well later in life.

Learning Is Fun!

Finally, teaching kids that reading is fun will help them to develop a passion for new concepts, new ideas and learning in general.

The above are all reasons why reading is critical to developing your child’s mind and giving them opportunities in the future. Start today with a classic like The Three Little Pigs, and move on to some of our other great early literacy resources!