Why Your Child Should Learn About Nature Through Reading

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Learn about how nature-based bedtime stories for kids can be a valuable teaching tool and help your kids develop a connection with the world around them.

Nature is everything, even if we don’t realize it. We’re in a sort of war for our ecology right now, caught between environmental consciousness and big industry, between deforestation and fracking, and the beauty of natural parks and wooded areas. Kids spend a lot of time playing outside, but often they don’t understand the value of the natural world. As you spend time reading with your child, it will be important to teach them about nature and the world around them. Learn about how nature-based bedtime stories for kids can be a valuable teaching tool for you and your children.

Disconnect from Nature

Children today are experiencing an unfortunate disconnect from nature. Even when they’re outside playing football at the park or building castles in the sandbox, they may not realize the importance of the world around them. This is partially because they are steeped in technology from the time they’re born—and because parents are afraid of the dangers in society today, among a variety of other reasons.

It is possible to overcome this disconnect, however, without removing the importance of technology from their lives. Tablets and computers can be used to read incredible free and interactive eBooks on a variety of subjects. This presents knowledge to kids in a fun and attractive way that they’re comfortable with.


Combining Nature and Literature

One of the best ways to help your kids reconnect with the world around them is to encourage them to read about the way nature works, and do it outdoors! Many devices are currently available that will allow kids to spend time outside, reading about flowers, plants and what makes the world turn as they experience the very things they’re reading about.

In addition to eBooks, there are educational apps that will let kids read stories about flora and fauna while encouraging them to seek out these topics in real life. Imagine your child reading a story about flowers and insects in the garden, only to learn to identify those same flowers and bugs when they see them outside.


Merging Skills Sets

Not only is it helpful for children to learn about nature, but when you encourage them to learn these things through reading, you’re also helping them to build their vocabulary, sentence structure, creativity, critical thinking, problem solving and analytical skills, as well as other important abilities. The skills that children naturally develop through reading will directly aid them in life as they grow older, and will directly contribute to their success in school and later work. They might even be encouraged to pursue a career in environmental studies or another natural-world-based job!


Bedtime Stories for Kids

The next time you’re looking for resources to provide great bedtime stories for kids, check out our free eBooks with nature-based themes, like “Food from the Sun.” Afterwards, explore our website for a wealth of amazing early literacy resources, both free and subscription-based, to keep your child on a path of loving books for life!