Why cool games and apps for learning causes some to flinch, others to jump in joy

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Can Cool games promote learning from apps

Can Cool games promote learning from apps

The notion of using cool games and apps for learning causes some to flinch, others to jump in joy, and many to ask questions about this way of learning. These questions often come from parents and organizations that are considering delving into the world of learning games but don’t know if this is advisable or don’t know where to start. The commercial games market is rapidly growing and diversifying and provides good fun and good learning. As there are many applications of cool games related (more or less) to learning games, moving forward in a positive direction in this rapidly growing domain of digital media.

iStoryBooks is a very popular, useful and interactive app for children. It is an educational app where children can go online and read stories on their own or read together as a family. This app has many good and useful stories that can be accessed anytime, anywhere such as in a car, while traveling etc. There is incredible picture quality with associated text, quality audio, colorful and playful graphics, and complete interactive features. In addition, the stories and cool games provide and promote good values in education while teaching children great moral lessons which are readily understood. Parents can also easily customize favorite media files where they have the option to add new books to the collection or delete books.

In this modern era where the structure of the family is greatly varied, educational and interactive apps are becoming more useful for both children and parents. They provide a mobile and diverse learning environment for children and an alternative for working parents who are not able to spend as much time as they would like in productive activities with their children. With particular apps as the iStoryBooks, parents can still be involved by reading or playing along, or being read to by the child engaged in using the educational app. One of the major advantages of iStorybooks is the selective range of books and related games available. There are no overly violent or destructive material which studies have proven can increase levels of aggression with excessive exposure. Better yet, even if children spend long periods of time on these apps, parents can take comfort in that they are actually engaged in reading, not just playing around.

The responsibility to teach good values to children lies with the parents. Parents should provide opportunities for their children that will encourage their enthusiasm and creativity. Cool games, iStories and digital media help parents to fulfill their responsibility and demands with not much effort or time. Creativity is one of the supreme aspects of learning which encourage children to engage in valuable activities as they grow up. The other way to spark their creativity is by taking them to museums, zoo, traveling to different places and by reading books through which children can be inspired. Parents should encourage their kids to engage in brain boosting activities where their cognitive skills can further develop.

Features that make iStoryBooks a must-have:

StoryBooks is available on iPhone, iPad, Android, Amazon Kindle, Nook, Window 8 and Windows Phone

– Growing collection of iStoryBooks.

– Best suited for new readers and as well as experienced readers.

– Educational, yet enjoyable

– Some iStoryBooks available in Spanish

– Both fiction and non-fiction stories