Lets Turn Our Kids Online Sessions Into Great Learning Opportunities!

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Two brothers playing computer gamesAre you worried about your kids and how much time they spend online  looking for fun and cool games? Do you think they are wasting their time? Don’t be…what we, as adults must understand that times change. It is no longer a common thing to put a pen to paper, everything is done online and it much rarer to sit down as a family and play a traditional family board game. Don’t dismay, you’re not alone, many parents are sitting at home like us trying to figure out how to get our kids outside and play more instead of sitting in a zombie like way in front of the screen.

In fact, what you don’t realize is we can turn our kids online sessions into great learning opportunities we just need to steer them in the right direction and spend a little bit of our time researching to find appropriate fun learning games and online storybooks for our kids. It will also be a blessing in disguise in the future, when you are in desperate need of an extra 30 minutes to put your other child down for a nap or quickly zip around with the vacuum cleaner you can quickly go to your favorites folder and find those games and online activities you have already approved.
You’ll be able to avoid the nagging of kids for the first 5 years, but after seeing mum and dad on the computer or their elder brother and sister playing there will be no avoiding it. If you create a folder on the desktop for each child labelled with their name e.g. ‘Tom’ etc, your child can automatically go to their own special collection of links and games – this also will make your child feel a little bit special and it is more personal for their needs. Every child has different interests, ages etc, therefore if Tom likes Cars, you can download or save links related to online games, cartoons and clip-art related to his own passions.
Computers and technology improve on an almost daily basis, so it is actually a good idea to get your children involved with them – a large part of learning at school is done via Smart boards and the internet so you can give your child a head start with simple online educational games that practice kin-esthetic skills such as dragging and clicking. Such games can be found for all levels and actually it makes learning more fun – dragging and clicking the alphabet feels like your playing a game rather than learning. Having knowledge about computers can only be a good thing, right?
You can protect your child’s safety by following all the precautions by putting on parental locks and making some potential sites inaccessible. Obviously caution needs to be taken and you can spend some time together with your child teaching them some basic skills of how to Google, how to copy and paste and even save some of their own personal favorites to their own folder. Just make sure you update their folder on a weekly or fortnightly basis to keep them interested and focused – it will also give you more of a control of what they are looking at. So, instead of criticizing the net, use it to your advantage and help your child learn in a modern environment.

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