Mastering Literacy with Free Reading Apps!

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There are many free apps available on the internet for teaching and reading activities and supplements. These free apps provide lessons and games which are designed with brilliant graphics and accompanying sounds. Digital media has emerged as a potential market and being used more and more as an enhancement to classroom and one-on-one learning. They are becoming more popular with parents who prefer to use them at home or on the go with their kids to reinforce concepts learnt in school.


Using animations and pronunciation features, reading apps encourage children call out the letters they see before them and shows children how they can be combined to make words, with basic examples such as “apple” and “ant. Many learning apps also have free games built in or as additional items which are great for when the child needs to take a break from an activity.

There are listening options which turns the tables, allowing children to have their favorite story read to them in an interesting and engaging way. Some of these free reading apps offer rewards and incentives on completion of a particular section or story for ongoing motivation. For example, children can get to draw on the screen as a reward. Still other features include picture captures and voice recording to further maximise the experience of literacy.


The free apps interface is child-friendly with numerous cues and directions. Even young children can use these reading apps on their own.

For simpler reading free apps, the free iStoryBooks app which is available for the iOS, Android and Windows 8, is a good option. This free app has good sound quality as well as engaging graphics. There is a growing collection of books to choose from which range from classic fairy tales such as “Cinderella”, cultural folk-tales, Science facts and adventures.

Children have the option of reading the stories themselves while being entertained by stimulating graphics or having the stories read to them by the program. This app is free for use on the desktop at home, a laptop, tablet computers as well as mobile smartphones.It is so simple that it requires virtually no monitoring. With an absence of internet ads, parents do not have to worry about children accidentally viewing inappropriate content.


8 Advantages of Digital Media Apps on Reading and Learning:


– For children who are below preschool age, these free apps provide positive stimulation of their senses and imagination.


– Digital media a helps to enhance listening and speaking ability as well as learning of sounds.


– Digital media and free apps play a positive role in developing critical thought processes and analytical skills. These apps also help in building creative thinking, analytical skills and enhance the potential of children.


– These free apps help in strengthening finger muscles and make children more computer literate.


– Free reading apps and digital media are great for relieving stress as well as providing fun and entertainment.


– Children will become more confident as they learn to master new levels. Many games and activities are encourage children to move to higher levels and earn scores in order to succeed.


– Promote technical skills


– Stimulate positive attitudes, encouraging children to continuously move ahead in life to achieve their goals.

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