3 Positive Impacts of eBooks on the Development of Children

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Even ten short years ago, the world was a very different place. The constant advancement of technology has altered every area of modern life, including the education of our children. These days, taking advantage of the latest tools to inspire your kids to love to learn is only a touch away. Here are three positive impacts eBooks can have on the development of children.

Learn InterActively

At first, the buzzing and flashing may seem like just another daytime cartoon. Plopping your child in front of the TV can drain them of their creative energies, true, but mobile devices engage many of the processes by which children learn. Babies crawl around the floor, seeking out colorful objects to touch (what does he have in his mouth this time?). Preschoolers want to run and shout.

Traditional books, while invaluable, cannot cater in the same way to this youthful drive to explore the world around them. The ability to interact with an eBook by touch, sound and sight holds and focuses the child’s attention. Tones and bright lights bring a story or lesson to life on the screen. Using flicks, swipes and other motion-sensitive controls, kids can feel involved with what they’re learning more than ever before.

Improve Literacy

Recent studies have found that children engage far better with the printed word when it is delivered by tablet or touchscreen computer, precisely because they delight in being able to point, click or interact vocally with the characters. Lesson plans that make use of eBooks on mobile devices can greatly improve literacy skills in young children. Think of the potential an eBook has for teaching language, whether a first or second one, or for sharpening a child’s critical listening skills.

Some kids just don’t enjoy reading because their imaginations have never been properly engaged. Well, watch their eyes light up when classic fairy tales or historical events are brought to life in full color, given voice by entertaining narrators. The kids may even forget they are learning!

Broaden Horizons

No child likes to be talked down to, but that’s often seems to happen in textbooks written for them. The tone can be stuffy or totally boring. Being able to literally touch the material, changing it on the fly, however, dissolves the distance between reader and knowledge. Learning complex place names or obscure vocabulary is made easy by read-along eBooks.

As digital inventories upgrade their stores, very few books are beyond an eBook-reader’s reach. Compared with a traditional book, an eBook is not only beautifully written, but can also be wonderfully narrated and lushly illustrated. Your child can read a quality work, instantly delivered without blemishes or printing errors, in an exciting new way. Find the perfect books for the little ones, ranging from the simple yet profound to dazzling works far more useful than staring at a wall of words.

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