5 Benefits of eBooks in the Classroom

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With more and more families and academic institutions acquiring reliable access to the internet, it’s a no-brainer to invest in eBooks for the classroom. Because of the adaptability of the medium, eBooks provide an opportunity to optimally teach a student body with a wide range of individual learning styles and preferences. Here are five of the many benefits of eBooks in the classroom.

A Library in Your Hand

Is a massive, lead-weighted book bag wreaking havoc on your child’s young spine? Why not ditch the twelve textbooks crammed into an overflowing backpack and switch to a Kindle or tablet? Each textbook is usually hundreds of pages long, even using small print. A tablet will hold hundreds of books, and the font style and size are adjustable. 

Save Money and Save Paper

Generally, eBooks are significantly cheaper than print books. Search any online retailer and you will find books priced as low as $0.99. Chances are, somewhere out there, a digital version of your textbook not only exists but is being sold at around half the price of the print edition.

Innovation and Adaptation

One powerful innovation the eBook has brought about is text-to-speak (TTS). Children who are visually impaired, or who suffer from reading comprehension issues or dyslexia, can at the push of a button have a built-in narrator read the text aloud. This function can improve reading comprehension and reduce eye strain.

Unlimited Potential

Kids and young people today learn in new ways made possible by the exponential rate of app invention. YouTube, Facebook, Netflix and so many other websites and services deliver information and content about virtually every subject under the sun. With their multimedia-friendly plug-ins, eBooks tap into this industry still in its infancy. Linking to videos and websites that present a wealth of additional content is one complimentary way in which eBooks enrich education.

Unlimited Copies

Maybe this goes without saying as far as eBooks are concerned, unless the Internet shuts down tomorrow you will always have access to catalogs for browsing. The number of copies available is infinite. No more worrying about getting those textbooks in last minute, knowing there are only 4 copies left on Amazon and the only way it will arrive in time is if you buy in the next 90 minutes.

The use of eBooks may allow us to reach out and claim a brighter future in which every child is given the same chance to discover a love of learning. So, if you’re looking to seize this eBook opportunity, there’s an app for that: iStorybooks is currently offering its app for free to teachers in hopes of fostering an interactive approach to classroom education. Whether you’re a parent or teacher, you may well find what you need among the digital shelves of full-audio narrated, illustrated masterpieces. The chance for a bright, learning-filled future has come knocking. If you want to see who’s at the door, check out the iStoryBooks app today.