5 Reasons Your Kids Should Read Aloud

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Reading time is essential to your child’s mental and emotional well-being. It improves their creativity, puzzle solving and analytical skills. But did you know that it’s just as important to teach children to read aloud? There are many reasons why reading aloud is beneficial to kids. Let’s take a look at a few.

Language Fluency

Reading aloud helps your child’s speech and language fluency skills. It helps with a concept called “automaticity,” or the ability of a reader to recognize words on sight and automatically. Verbal reading allows the child to practice these skills and greatly improves their accuracy.

Reading Comprehension

Hearing words allows us to better understand language. When children read aloud in an expressive format, their reading comprehension increases dramatically. This ties directly into their language fluency.

Children who read aloud are in a unique position to explore language and discover the nuances of vocabulary. They are better poised, then, to build their own vocabulary and comprehension skills, which can help them on the road to becoming independent readers as time goes on.

Critical Reading and Thinking

All reading time improves critical thinking skills, but reading aloud requires kids to make decisions about how to emphasize the words they encounter and how to express the text before them.

This means they are better able to interpret underlying themes and meanings, and understand the message of the text they’re reading. Such skills encourage deeper thinking and questioning of ideas and concepts which builds imagination and individuality.

Overall Reading Development

Reading out loud encourages a ton of vital competencies that will help your child excel in academics and at life in general. These include memory retention, attention span, grammar, cause-and-effect relationships, and focus.

As children prepare to read aloud, they improve their understanding of rhetorical structures and grammar such as sentence structure, stanzas, paragraph construction and how words and ideas are sequenced to express ideas and concepts. It also requires them to focus their attention on one thing, which can be very helpful with the preponderance of disorders like ADHD.

Aid the Struggling Reader

Many kids who express a disdain for reading do so simply because for them it’s tough. Reading aloud can help the struggling reader to improve his or her skills and better apply them. By sounding out words, practice and repetition, reading accuracy and word recognition improves dramatically. It allows them to listen to themselves and identify areas they need to practice more.

The more a child reads aloud, the easier the process of reading will become, and the more likely your child will be to build an enjoyment of reading that will help them in future life.

One of the best ways to encourage early oral reading skills is to have your child read along with a narrator. Starting with an interactive eBook is an ideal way to get your child to read aloud. Why not start with a story about Four Clever Friends and a Hunter, and then look at our other early literacy and reading resources?