5 Ways to Hook Kids on Reading

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Child reading

Reading is a fundamental skill that is both entertaining and necessary. Most people learn to read during their childhood, when the brain is quick to absorb and retain information. A lot of children love to read, doing so whenever they get a spare moment. Others are quite reluctant, refusing to give up their time to read when they could be spending it enjoying their favorite activities.

Since learning to read and comprehend stories is critical, how do you draw a hesitant child in and open their eyes to the beauty of literature? Making reading one of your child’s favorite activities is not only essential, but it is also a lot of fun. Here are 5 ways that you can hook your kids on reading.  

  1. Make Reading Entertaining

Adults read mostly to entertain themselves. It is rare that adults stick to reading a boring book that they do not like. Rather than throw out reading all together, grown-ups are capable of understanding that it was just the book that was not entertaining. Make sure that your child is reading books that they find fun. It helps if the pages are full of characters or situations with which they can relate.

  1. Cater to Interests

One of the best ways to build your child’s love for reading is to cater to their interests. If your child likes horses, they are more likely to read a book about horses rather than read one about other kinds of animals. Of course, they will have to read books that they do not exactly enjoy throughout their school years, but fostering a love for reading is dependent upon you providing the child with books that they can appreciate.

  1. Encourage All Reading

If your child strays from their homework every now and then to pick up their latest find, do not become angered or take disciplinary action. Your child might simply need the mental break that books provide. Encourage your child to read their favorite books while also staying on task and completing required assignments.

  1. Keep with the Favorite Authors

Most authors write multiple stories throughout their lives, leaving readers with an abundance of their works. Once you have found an author that your child appreciates, stick with that author. Consider buying sets or multiple stories for your child. If they truly enjoy the writer’s work, then they will be thrilled to receive more materials to read.

  1. Make it Funny

Kids love humor. If they can smile and laugh while reading a story, they are sure to get sucked in and desire to read more. The happiness that reading can spread is infectious. Look for books with entertaining cartoons or comedic storylines.

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