Good Readers Make Good Writers

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We all know how important it is to foster a love of reading and literature in kids from an early age. It improves their language and comprehension skills. It creates in them a passion and desire to learn and better themselves. It builds their imagination and creativity, which in turn helps their analytical skills. One thing many people don’t consider, though, is that reading and writing go hand-in-hand. A good reader is a good writer, and writing is a fundamental tool that your child will need throughout their entire life.

Books Inspire

As children are exposed to wonderful stories both true and fictional, they become inspired to try their hand at writing their own tales. Books transport you to a whole new world, a universe where anything can happen, and many who read want to inspire others, in turn, to visit similar worlds.

The more you teach your child to read, the more they will want to draw from those stories, combine ideas and even create entirely original worlds. Let their imagination run wild, and you will create in them not just a love of literature, but a love of writing as well, and this will serve them throughout the years.

Learning from the Masters

Let’s face it: while there are a few clunkers out there, for the most part when you read a book, you’re taking a master writing class from an expert at the trade. Kids in their formative years absorb just about everything to which they’re exposed, including technique and craft. This means when they read, they are learning how to express themselves in writing, even if they don’t realize it.

Later, when they have to write their own material, they might be stuck for a way to express an idea, handle a scene or character, or make an argument. When this happens, they may recall the way it was done in one of their earlier readings and go back. It’s like calling a favorite professor to ask for advice on career development!


Books are full of encouragement to be the best we can be. Even if they don’t realize it, when your child reads, they are being told, “You can do it! Never give up!” You should encourage them as well.

Get your child a notebook and work with them on their writing skills. If there’s a part of a book that they love, encourage them to make a note of it. Let them copy passages from anything they read, and note where they found the words. Writing is a great drill for hammering home the ideas they develop and burning these ideas into their minds.

There’s no doubt about it: The best writers are also the best readers. The more you read, the more you learn. Writing is a tool that will be a necessity as your child grows. Start building that tool early by learning to love books. Why not start off, in fact, with a fun biography about one of the greatest wordsmiths ever, our founding father, Thomas Jefferson? Then, feel free to browse all of the fun reading tools we have available on our website.