Take Your Kids to the Library This Weekend!

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children in a library

It has been proven that reading time with your children will improve their analytical and critical thinking skills, imagination, creativity and chances for success later in life. These facts hold true across all economic and social backgrounds. While having an at-home selection of books is important, if finances are tight, fear not — you still have a great option. That option is your local library. Here are a few great reasons why you should take your kids to the library this weekend.

More Reading

The more you read to and with your kids, the better off they will be, and what better way to accomplish this than at the library? Libraries are, at their core, buildings full of books! No matter what your child’s interests may be, there are a wealth of options available when you take your kids to the library.

Expanded Variety

Even if you have a strong home collection of literature, it likely can’t compare to the variety of options available in the thousands of books at your local library. As children read, they will expand their horizons, looking for new materials that are related to their favorite stories. These relations will expand and grow and your child’s horizons will grow. They can go from The Mouse and the Motorcycle to Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH to The Wind in the Willows and, through a web of connections, all the way up to Harry Potter as one thread leads to another.

Building the Web

While expanded variety is ideal, you may not have the tools at hand to build those connections. Your child may be looking for something expansive and new, but you might not be sure where to steer them. The local library has the single best resource for expanding your child’s literary horizons: the librarian! Librarians are experts in honing in on interests and finding new books that will broaden and expand those interests, sometimes in a whole new direction.

Active Time

There’s an image of libraries as sedate, quiet places and librarians in tweed, glasses and with a sour face shushing patrons all day long. This is an outmoded idea. Modern libraries are vibrant, active places and librarians are passionate and excited about what they do. They love to see people get enjoyment from reading, and are out to create a fun and welcoming environment. They use puppets, costumes, story times, maker culture and other activities to keep your kids coming back for more, time and again.

Even better, if you’re looking for play dates, there’s no better place to go. Libraries are full of children and your kid could make tons of new friends and improve social interaction skills just by spending time at these community-focused places every day.

Libraries are great places to expand and grow the literature love that you have already begun at home with reading time and interactive eBooks like the Three Little Pigs. To really create a lifelong love of books and reading, take your kids to the library this weekend.