The Benefits of Reading 15 Minutes a Day

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Child reading

Building a passion for reading in your child carries so many benefits with it. It helps with creativity and analytical skills. It builds writing ability. It helps with critical learning. It builds communication and vocabulary. It expands the mind and imagination. There are so many reasons why you should create a love of literature in your child. Here are a few direct benefits of spending just fifteen minutes every day reading.

Stimulate the Mind

Your mind is a muscle. It needs exercise and stimulation to work. Studies have shown that reading can slow the progression of certain degenerative mental conditions in adults. There is no reason why it wouldn’t have the same effect on improving mental development in children. Just fifteen minutes a day will keep your child’s brain running on all cylinders and help to keep their development strong and on track.

Stress Reduction

Kids sense stress, and some can have problems dealing with it. Reading is a great time to quiet your senses, take your mind off of the problems of the day and let you breathe easier. Reading fifteen minutes a day gives a child the quiet time they need to let their mind process everything going on around them while they escape into a world of imagination and fantasy.


We all know how this one works. Books are the best source of knowledge and learning there is. Even in a world where Google puts everything at our fingertips, our brains parse learning much better in the form of a book.

Teaching your child to read will fill their head with knowledge, teach them how to store and retrieve that knowledge when they need it, will build their vocabulary and can even improve their maturity as they learn new perspectives and outlooks on the world. Even a quarter hour a day can fill your child’s head with knew facts and learning at a time when they’re picking up on everything that goes on around them.


Reading fifteen minutes a day gives your child the knowledge they need in small chunks, and helps them to store information in their brains in a way that will make it easy for them to call it forth when they need it later.

They will learn everything from facts and figures to people, stories and perspectives. Every new memory created in a child’s mind creates more empty space for more new memories. In short, the more they read, the more their memories will grow.

Emotional Health and Analytics

These new memory paths, in fact, can strengthen existing ones and also improve short-term memory and even help with mood stabilizing. This takes us back to keeping your child’s mental and emotional development on track and strong. Finally, all these crisscrossed synapses will help your child to associate memories and will lead to better analytics. With just a few minutes per day, soon your child will be solving mysteries faster than you!

Take some time to start your reading program today with a classic story, “The Rabbit in the Moon.” Then look at all the other fun books and reading tools we have available to build excitement and love of learning.