Ways to Get Your Kid Excited about Reading

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Ways to Get Your Kid Excited about Reading

We all know how important reading is to your child’s physical, social, intellectual and emotional development. Getting them interested in reading, however, is not always a simple process. In the age of video games and playing outside, kids can be disinterested in something so “old-fashioned” as reading time with mom and dad. So how do you turn your kid into a literature-loving bibliophile? Learn a few important tips and tricks to get your kid excited about reading, and you’ll have them begging you to sit down with a book!

Get Kids Excited about Reading

It can be a real challenge to get kids excited about reading, but it’s also a necessity if you’re going to turn them into good readers and get the full benefits of reading time with them. Kids who are excited about books tend to transition to reading more on their own, and tend to get more out of reading than kids who read because they feel they have to. It also makes reading time much more pleasant.


Pursue Their Interests

Every kid loves Harry Potter, right? Alas, that’s simply not true. If your child would prefer to read about sports, let them read about sports! If you’re trying to lure them away from video games, why not a book about video games? The more you tailor your reading time to your child’s interests, the easier it will be to get them looking forward to reading.


Series and Media Tie-Ins

Once you hook them with an interest, find a series surrounding that interest. Series books allow kids a degree of familiarity and comfort. They relate to the characters and enjoy revisiting them time and again. Some series, like The Magic Tree House, are educational as well as entertaining.


Finding a series or book that ties into a movie can be another great way to help your child bond with books. Read them The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, then show them the classic film based on the book. The wonder of seeing the words translate to the screen will hook them even further, and you can talk about what’s different and what’s the same between the two.


The Reading Nook

Kids love to build forts—why not build a special reading fort or nook that you and your child can crawl into during reading time? This will make a game out of it and can make that reading time fin and exciting, especially if you take on a character and make reading a part of play.


Interactive eBooks

If video games are what’s keeping your kid from reading, combine them with reading through interactive eBooks. These will let your child enjoy the animation and interaction of a game with the benefits of reading time.


If you’re curious about how interactive eBooks can help your child learn to love literature, take a look at a few of our free offerings, and then get in touch with us for more information about a variety of literacy tools today!