When You Read, Your Kids Read

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Mom reading to child

Developing a love of reading and literature in your child is vital to their lifelong success. It engages creativity and critical thinking, and studies show that kids who read are more likely to achieve success in both academics and life later on. Developing this passion, however, doesn’t stop at reading to your child at a young age. It continues on to reading with your child as they begin to read on their own. When you read, your kids read.


A Love of Language

Children are naturally inclined to love the sound of the human voice, and the sounds of communication. They naturally try to mimic their parents’ words and voices and explore options for language naturally the moment they realize they have a voice. Reading to your child builds this communication, and reading with them later encourages them to enhance these skills on their own. They develop linguistic skills and listening skills, and are then better able to understand written communication.


Part of Life

Read with your children at scheduled times. Even if your schedule is hectic, try to slot in reading time at least a few times a week where you read your book while your children read theirs. This makes reading a part of their life. It becomes a coping and relaxation skill. It also becomes a cherished quiet family time and allows your child to ask you questions as they work to build their critical thinking and comprehension skills.


Discussing Literature

At the end of each reading session, ask your child about what they’ve read. Talk to them about the story, about what interests them and what they are learning from it. Listen to what they have to say and engage them rather than correcting them. Reading is an interpretive experience and it’s vital to your child’s enjoyment of literature for them to take away their own ideas of what a given story means.


Setting an Example

Children idolize their parents. This is an important part of their nurturing and growth. If your child sees you reading often, they will want to do the same. By spending time sitting down and reading with your child, you are setting a good example that they will take into their later lives. They will, then, associate reading with pleasant time spent with you, and reading will become a form of de-stressing and relaxation. It will all be drawn back to the example you set in their youth by spending time reading together.


Learn and Suggest

Do some research on your own time based on the books your child enjoys reading. This will enable you to suggest new books as they complete their current ones. You can become something of a literary expert for your child, unerringly guiding them on their path to literacy and love of language. You may falter, but your child also may discover new things to love through branching out their interests.


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