Nursery Children Stories And Games Online

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Nursery Children Stories And Games OnlineAs young as 5, kids have an active mindset that is ready to explore new things in the world. The most interesting part will be when they discover these things on their own. Even though they are aggressive about going out and discovering new tricks, parents should not leave them to do it on their own but provide them with a guideline. This can be best achieved by exposing this children to online stories about the events that surround a childs life. This could be: bedtime stories, funny stories, stories of schools, jungle tales, long stories and stories about friendship that are meant to inspire creativity and thinking, trigger imaginations or even give fun to the children as they read them. Here are some of the things to consider in choosing children stories.

1.Picture And Drawings.

Young children will most definitely be attracted to pictures and art than words. The stories should therefore have as many pictures as possible. This should be pictures of animals or things that the children can easily familiarize with. The pictures should also have a mix of the best colors for the kids to love them.

2.Teach A Moral Lesson.

The main aim of the stories is to teach the children about the world. Exposing a moral lesson in a story will do best and children will keep on remembering the story by its moral lesson. This will actually build on their decision making and caution them against vices such as greed and selfishness.

3 .Simple Vocabulary.

At this young age they have learnt some simple vocabulary but not so much. The stories should have foundation words that are easy to read and understand. If a vocabulary is used it should be explained in simple words.

4. Simple Ethical Games.

Children will indeed love to learn new games that they can apply on their friends, brothers or sisters while at home or when out at the play ground. Jungle stories can be an example for instance -about two friends traveling in the woods acting out an adventure.


On the other hands online games for children are meant to give them fun and keep them busy so as not to disrupt their parents from doing their chores at home. A game for children should prioritize animations that should be frequently changing in color, shape, size and appearance. They should simulate the behavior of the things the children know, for instance, fish swimming in a pool of water or a vehicle moving on the road. The games should be easy to play and made up simple tasks to win. They should also have rewards so that the player keeps on playing to get even higher rewards.


In conclusion nursery stories and games need to have the appropriate characteristics for the children to love them. Stories need to have pictures and drawings to ignite creativity and simple vocabulary for easy reading and understanding. Online games should also be easy to play and be full of animations to attract the children. They should also simulate common things that the children are familiar with.