iStoryBooks App to Provide Teachers Free Childrens Books Premium Subscriptions

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With More Than Six Million Downloads, the iStoryBooks App Encourages Interactive Reading in the Classroom; App Also Updated with Five New eBooks and UI Enhancements

FREMONT, Calif. – The iStoryBooks app that provides interactive children’s eBooks and has more than six million downloads is now offering free premium subscriptions to teachers to further encourage interactive classroom reading with children. Available for Android, iOS and Windows, the app was also recently updated with five new eBooks and user interface enhancements.

To request a free subscription, teachers need only contact iMarvel, the app’s developers. This can be done by visiting and clicking the “contact us” link on the web page. Teachers are asked to include promotion code TCH0315 in the message. They will then be contacted with further instructions to finalize the subscription. Free subscriptions are currently being offered for any interested teacher but, the offer is subject to change at any time without notice. The free subscription provides access to the complete collection of eBooks including 55 premium content books that normally costs $0.99 monthly.

The eBooks are fully audio-narrated and illustrated. Two of the recently added eBooks are authored by Hana Haatainen Caye. These books are Old Sultan adapted from Grimms’ Fairy Tales and The Monkey, the Crab and the BFFs. Three other eBooks were added, authored by Stacy Zeiger. The first one is The Father and His Daughters adapted from Aesop’s Fables and the second one is Energy to Play. The third eBook by Zeiger, and the fifth overall, is The Incredible Growing Plant. These eBooks are audio narrated by Maya Ray and all illustrations were created by Antara Majumder.

“To better engage students in the classroom, we want to make sure teachers can easily take advantage of all the eBooks available via our iStoryBooks app,” said Rejith Krishnan, one of the app’s co-creators. “So, a free subscription is a good way to make this happen. It removes any potential hurdles of purchasing a subscription. Our plans to further entice teacher-student involvement will continue. We are looking to implement significant interactivity and teaching aid features. This will include the ability to complete puzzles, color in scenes, save edited pages, and more.”

The iStoryBooks app is available in the Apple® iTunes® store, Google® Play store and Windows® app store for tablets, smartphones and/or desktop computer use. The app passed the six million download mark at the start of 2015. It has also recently been updated with new enhancements. Graphics resolution has been increased to 250+ pixels per inch (ppi) for iOS and Android platforms. Support for reading books in portrait mode has also been added. Other updates include new more colorful backgrounds and buttons.

About iStoryBooks
The iStoryBooks app, available since 2011, is dedicated to providing children and educators with engaging interactive reading and learning opportunities whether on a tablet, smartphone or desktop computer. With the app, teachers and parents have access to dozens of free interactive eBooks that are fully audio-narrated and graphics illustrated. A subscription of $0.99 monthly provides access to the complete collection of eBooks including 55 premium content books and more than 100 free eBooks. Original content eBooks are provided alongside fully adapted classics, such as The Three Little Pigs and Little Red Riding Hood. The iStoryBooks app is developed and maintained by iMarvel which is based in Fremont, Calif. More information is available at

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