iStoryBooks Kickstarter Drive to Create eBooks That Educate Children on the Environment

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Series of eBooks to Focus on Child Education About Environmental Impact Targets Kickstarter Funding for Interactive Coloring of Illustrations and More for eBooks Ideal for Home Use or in K-12 Classrooms


FREMONT, Calif.  – The makers of the iStoryBooks app that has six million downloads today launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a new series of eBooks focused on educating children about the impact people have on the environment. The first eBook of the series is to be titled Waste Not, Want Not. Kickstarter funding will be used to create various features for the eBook. This includes illustrations, coloring pages and audio narration.

This series of eBooks is to be named Our Planet, Our Home. It’s focused on educating children about the impact people have on the planet. At a minimum, the first eBook from the series will feature interactive illustrated pages. Extra funding raised may be used for creating a custom music mix, for language translations, or to create an eBook interactive picture puzzle.

A starting pledge of $10 provides a one-year iStoryBooks subscription to premium content and five coloring pages (in PDF) based on the eBook’s illustrations. Other pledges of $25 and $50 provides a three year subscription and three year subscription for two accounts, respectively, alongside the five coloring pages. Anyone pledging $100 or more will receive a 32 ounce BPA-free water bottle that has an ergonomic high-flow spout. The water bottle will have the logo for the Our Planet, Our Home series of books imprinted on it. For the water bottle, USA shipping is included. International shipping requires shipping costs be pledged via Kickstarter. Pledges from $100 to $500 provide more water bottles, many more iStoryBooks subscriptions, or acknowledgements within the eBook. Full details for other pledge provisions are available on the Kickstarter campaign page.

The Kickstarter campaign will run April 6 to May 4, 2015. Afterward, the eBook’s development will run through mid-June. Then the eBook is scheduled to be published on iStoryBooks. All other details, including donating options and the campaign timeline, can also be found on the Kickstarter campaign page. The iStoryBooks app is used by kids, parents and teachers in pre- and elementary school classrooms. It’s available on the Apple® iTunes® store, Google® Play store and Windows® app store for tablets, smartphones and/or desktop computer use.

About iStoryBooks
The iStoryBooks app, available since 2011, is dedicated to providing children and educators with engaging interactive reading and learning opportunities whether on a tablet, smartphone or desktop computer. The app has been downloaded more than six million times across Apple® iOS, Android® and Windows® devices. With the app, teachers and parents have access to dozens of free interactive eBooks. The eBooks are fully audio-narrated and graphics-illustrated. A subscription of $0.99 monthly also provides access to 50+ premium content eBooks. Subscriptions for teachers are free upon request. Interested teachers should contact iMarvel, the app’s developer, via the website and reference code TCH0415 . Original content eBooks are provided alongside fully adapted classics, such as The Three Little Pigs and Little Red Riding Hood. The iStoryBooks app is developed and maintained by iMarvel which is based in Fremont, Calif. More information is available at

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